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Hello everybody !

We received a song about pikachu from this awesome dude, CROWDSOURCEINSPIRATION

I Hope everybody listen this and heart this…

Here is the Lyrics for you reader, follow the lyrics :)


Electric Mouse

Your lightning bolt-looks and swift wit
have a special power over me.
When you blush, sparks fly
from the red on your cheeks.

Electric mouse, I choose you. Won’t you choose me?
Electric mouse, I choose you. You’re all I need.

You refuse to live in a bubble;
you’re strong and want to stand on your own.
Well, I ain’t asking you to evolve;
I just don’t want to stand alone.
Even the toughest sometimes need a hand
to fight off Spearow.

I bet those other cats—them Meowth
promise to fly you away in a Team Rocketship.
But I’ll stand right here on the ground
and work to grant your every wish.
Let’s train to fight and and train to love;
I know we’ll be the best there ever was.